Why Hire Me?

1. Communication and Attention.

The number one complaint that clients have about their lawyer is that their lawyer doesn’t communicate with them. In other words, they feel like they don’t know what is going on in the matter that their lawyer is handling, and, because their lawyer is not communicating effectively, they don’t understand the charges on their bill. I prevent this complaint by providing you with written updates on a regular basis, even if the update is only to inform you that there have been no significant developments in your matter. I also provide detailed invoices that show exactly what work I have done, how many hours I have expended, and the charges associated with that work.

2. Reasonable, Flat Fees.

Another common complaint that clients have about their lawyers is that it is unclear to them how much the lawyer’s services will cost. You may know that most lawyers charge by the hour. Because of this, the legal bill you receive may be much higher than you anticipated as most clients cannot accurately estimate how many hours a legal task will take to complete, simply because they don’t have significant experience at completing legal tasks. I prevent this complaint by offering reasonable, flat fees for most of my services. You will know in advance how much the fee will be and what you will be purchasing for that fee. If additional work is needed, you will be informed of any potential additional costs before I perform the work. Think of it like taking your car for repairs. You tell the mechanic what you think needs to be repaired, he tells you how much that repair will cost. If he finds additional problems — or different problems — when he inspects the car, he tells you what it will cost to fix all the problems. You decide before the additional work begins if you want the mechanic to make the repairs at the cost he quotes to you.

3. I don’t mind making house calls.

If it is easier for you, I can come to your home for our meetings.


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